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How to Charge Multiple Electronic Devices in the Car

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When taking a family road trip with a bunch of kids in the back of the car… all in possession of some sort of an electronic device- a cell phone, a tablet, a DVD player, a Nintendo DS, a Kindle… whatever it may be… they are going to want to re-charge those devices. Not to mention- Dad is likely using a GPS system in the front seat, Mom is working on her laptop, and perhaps you have one of those fancy-dancy plug-in car coolers too… and every one of these requires juice as well. So what is power-hungry family like yours to do while cruising down the highway? Why not make the most of the few 12V power receptacles that came with your car?

How to Charge Multiple Devices in the Car

Here are 4 devices that can help you solve the problem of how to charge multiple electronic devices in the car- just make sure to first take an inventory of the types of devices you’ll want to charge- and what types of adapters you already own for these devices!

#1. 2-Port USB Charger

Belkin Dual Port Charger

You can double your charging ability by converting each of your 12V receptacles into 2-port charging stations for less than $10 each. My husband and I each have sets of these for our cars- the Belkin 2-Port Car Charger. This particular model is made for Apple 5 devices- so make sure that you find the dual USB charger that works with the devices that you own. ($8.25)

#2. 5-port Apple and Non-Apple USB Charger

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.38.01 PM

If you are a family of tablet and phone users with a mix of apple and non-apple devices- this Saicoo Car Charger can be a great solution for on-the-road charging. Each port has an on/off switch as well as a charging indicator. ($19)

#3 Multi Socket and USB Charger

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 8.10.20 AM

If you have several devices that came with a 12V car adapter (such as portable DVD players that didn’t come with a regular power cord), or even a laptop with a car adapter, then this BESTEK 2-socket car adapter with 2 USB ports might be the perfect solution for your family. ($15)

#4. Power Inverter

Bestek Power Inverter

You can convert the 12V power receptacle in your car to a regular 110V power outlet (like the kind you have at home), and one car outlet can then power 2 regular power cords as well as 2 USB power cords. And the best part? This BESTEK Power Inverter costs only $26! This is perfect for devices that don’t have a USB charger- like a laptop computer, DVD player or a DS device, because you can plug them using their regular adapters.

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One more tip!

Avoid charging devices in the car when the engine is not running, as this could drain your car battery- and that is a total bummer on a road trip!

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